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Build-A-Bouquet tickets are sold out online. Can I upgrade on site?

Maybe. We sell Build-A-Bouquet tickets based on how many bouquets we think our field can manage. We reserve the right not to sell extra bouquets, or upgrade general admission tickets on site.

Can I bring my dog?

Yes! Provided your dog is well behaved and not disruptive to other visitors, we welcome dogs on leash. Please bring your own cleanup items.

Can I bring my stroller?

Strollers are allowed, however we will note the route can get a bit bumpy!

Can I do a photoshoot at the farm?

During regular business hours, no photoshoots may take place. If you would like to book a private appointment after hours, please contact us at info@lochlandbotanicals.com

Can I fly my drone at the farm?

No. No drones may be used on our property. If you would like to schedule a private appointment for a shoot, please contact us at info@lochlandbotanicals.com

Can I purchase General Admission for myself, and Build-A-Bouquet for my companion?

Yes! Build-A-Bouquet is our fancy way of saying “U-Pick”, which is completely self-directed. You will not be split up if you have two different types of tickets.

Can we bring our own food?

Yes! We love seeing visitors picnicking and enjoying themselves. There are a few picnic tables in the shade around the flower fields where you may set up. We do ask that you be mindful of other visitors and don’t commandeer a picnic table for hours on end.

Do I have to purchase a ticket in advance?

We highly suggest purchasing a ticket in advance. Not only does this minimize contact upon your arrival, keeping everyone safe, but we reserve the right to refuse visitors without a pre-purchased ticket.

Does my child need to pay for admission?

Children 3 and under are free. Everyone else is subject to the same admission rates.

How big is the farm?

The portion of the farm that is accessible to the public is over 30 acres!

How long do people spend on the farm?

Visitors usually spend 1-2 hours on the farm. There is currently no time limit besides our business hours.

Is parking free?

Yes! Parking is always free and onsite.

Is smoking allowed on the farm?

No, absolutely no type of smoking OR vaping is permitted on our property at any time.

Is the farm wheelchair accessible?

We have done our best to make the farm as accessible as possible, however the farm is still a farm with some rural challenges – please contact us directly at info@lochlandbotanicals.com if you have any concerns.

Is there food on site?

No, not really. We often have a small supply of herbal cookies by our friends at Whitetail Bakery, however we do not supply meals at this time. Rockwood, Guelph, Campbellville, and Acton are all about ten minutes away.

What am I allowed to cut or put in my bouquet?

Almost everything is up for grabs, with the exception of the elderberry trees, sea buckthorn berries, and garlic. Some other exceptions may apply based on the season – staff will advise you upon arrival if that is the case.

What happens if it rains?

We suggest checking the forecast before purchasing tickets in advance. We are open rain or shine and tickets are non refundable nor exchangeable. The only time refunds may be issued is if we make the decision to close the farm due to dangerous/extreme weather.

What if I (want to) cut more than what fits in my jar?

If you want more than one bouquet, we ask you purchase another jar at the daily U-Pick price. That being said, quite a large bouquet can be made with just one jar. Visitors caught picking extra without payment will be asked to leave the property without their bouquets.

What is there to do?

There are lots of things to entertain you! Walk or take a wagon ride tour across the farm, visit Diane as she demonstrates how we distill essential oil, check out our secret villages (kids love them!), watch the honey bees buzz in and out of their hives, identify the multitudes of different butterflies and wild bees that flit around, cut your own fresh herbs and flowers, attend a workshop, yoga class or meditation session (see list of events for dates and tickets), bring a picnic, wander the rows upon rows of herbs and flowers, many of which have signage talking about their medicinal uses, or simply sit under a big old pine tree and relax.

What kind of plants do you have?

We have almost 150 species of herbs and flowers on our farm, both annual and perennial varieties.

Flowers include: celosia, zinnia, dahlias, sunflowers, bachelor buttons, coneflower varieties, brown eyed susan, maltese cross, lupin, bergamot varieties, and so, so much more.

Herbs include: mint varieties, thyme varieties, winter savory, lovage, rosemary, basil, lemon balm, mugwort, wormwood varieties, catnip and much more.

What’s the difference between General Admission and Build-A-Bouquet?

General admission grants you access to all farm features, includes the flower fields, a wagon ride, essential oil distilling demonstrations and more. Build-A-Bouquet is our version of “U-Pick”. We give you a mason jar to fill with your choice of herbs and flowers, and you can take it all home with you. We also rent you a pair of scissors that you return to a designated location before you leave.

When are the flowers in bloom?

We have different flowers in bloom all season long. Please visit our Instagram page for a better idea of what is in bloom at one time.

In general, different types of lavender are in bloom for most of July.

Sunflowers depend on when they are planted as they take 60-65 days to bloom, and only last for about two weeks. Please see Instagram for updates.

When are you open?

Please check our “Contact Us” page for the most up-to-date hours.

When are you open?

We are currently open Friday-Monday from 11 AM – 5 PM.

When is the best time of year to visit?

The answer depends on what you’re looking for! Everything is usually very lush and green in June. Most herbs are ready for harvesting and some of the earlier perennials like iris, columbine and jacob’s ladder are blooming. A good thing to note is many types of flowers only stay in bloom for about two weeks. Poppies usually start early July and last only a week or so. English lavender varieties bloom near the end of June and French Lavender varieties start in mid July. Sunflowers are likely to be in bloom anywhere from the end of July to early September – it’s best to check our instagram page for updates on sunflower blooms.

The highest level of things in bloom at one time is usually the last couple weeks of July/first week of August, but many popular bouquet-type flowers only start coming into bloom in August. There’s something new to see every two weeks!

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