Serenity. Tranquility.

Unwind. Reconnect. Be At Peace.

Escape to a place where peace and well-being intertwine, where by disconnecting from the outside world, you can reconnect with yourself.

Get outside, learn about sustainable farming practices, and all-natural, holistic, plant-based remedies that the earth can provide.

Embrace the serenity the farm offers you, a sanctuary on the path of your own wellness journey.

“I have always lived in very crowded cities. When I come here, I feel my peace.”
Mohammed Nassar

So much to See

Learn & Explore

Children and adults alike find wonder in wandering our tranquil space. 

Plant varietes

pollinator species

fields to explore

secret villages


Fun Outdoor Activities For All:

Build a Bouquet

Cut your own fresh herbs and flowers with over 40,000 plants to choose from. Take your bouquet home in a mason jar to enjoy for week! Book Your Experience Now.

Attend a Workshop

Learn about tea-making, tinctures, bouquets and more. Create with us, take home your treasures, & spend the day if you like. Book Your Workshop Here.

Take a Tour

Hop on the wagon for a historical tour of the farm with Dr. Steve, or taste-test some edible flowers with another member of our team. Check Ticket Availability Here.

Shop the Farm Store

Take home part of the farm with you. Give yourself a quick preview by visiting our Online Shop.

Discover Secret Villages

Children love searching for and interacting with our three secret villages hidden around the farm. Let their imagination take flight!

Essential Oil Distillation

Catch Dr. Diane in the ice cream shack for a demonstration on how we distill our own plants for essential oil and hydrosols.

Wander & Unwind

Pack a picnic for the day, observe the butterflies and the bees, sit under an old pine tree, wander the rows, sit and smell the flowers. Secure Your Ticket Now.

Hours of Operation

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Tuesdays 10am – 12pm

Farm Hours
Open Sunday, Sept 19

11am – 4pm

Preorder Admission Tickets!
Tickets are available to secure your visit time. 

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