Lochland Botanicals is a small, picturesque herb and flower farm nestled in rural Halton county, Ontario.

Our family-run farm is dedicated to creating a space and products that help people reconnect with the land, and reconnect with themselves. We offer toxin free, artisanal herbal and floral products for culinary, cosmetic, and wellness purposes, as well as meditation and yoga classes to heal the body and mind. Our farm’s 93 acres contains over 40,000 organically grown plants, including more than 140 different species.

Dr. Diane Corlett and Dr. Steve Noonan, founders of Lochland Botanicals, have farm ownership deeds that trace back to 1852, and numerous neighbouring farms of livestock, fruits, vegetables, nurseries, and cash crops have been around for just as long. We had a deep desire to continue their home’s traditions and legacy, and so Lochland Botanicals was born. Our dedication to working the land and preserving the goodness of nature in our holistic products has allowed us to fulfill our dream and share Mother Nature’s bounty with the world.

In a bustling world dependent on technology and busyness, our small, beautiful farm is content to enjoy the simpler aspects of life. Our yoga and meditation classes offer a guiding hand in doing just that. By considering the effects our plants and practices have on ourselves, the land, and even the pollinators, our goal is to help support the ecosystem and serve the land we love. Since all of the work is completed by hand and our values promote quality over quantity, our boutique shop offers a variety of unique, useful, and exquisite products.

We are proud to offer urban families the gentle healing essences from the natural world. Come visit our farm and experience the goodness of nature.

Meet "Porschia"

Porschia is Lochland Botanical’s hard working H.U.V. (Herb Utility Vehicle). She is always eager to help out around the farm!