Our family-run farm is dedicated to growing toxin free, artisanal herbal and floral products for culinary, cosmetic, and aromatherapy uses.

All herbs and blossoms are carefully hand-picked and blended to create a range of pure, high quality creations for sale.

Our products are always evolving and new ones are being created daily. Here is a sampling of what we have to offer.

Come by the farm to see the latest products and take some home for yourself!

Herbal Teas & Tisanes

Herbal teas are a deliciously comforting way to take care of your body. They are especially great if you’re looking for a natural calming or refreshing drink. They are lovely served hot or cold. Great for stay-at-home parents and 9-5 office goers alike.


Hydrosols are plant-based, aromatic waters. The essential nutrients of the plants make hydrosols a luxurious method for treating minor skin issues and can also be used as delicious air fresheners or linen sprays.

Dried Herbs & Herb Mixtures

Who doesn’t love to use herbs in the kitchen? Use our authentic combinations to add flavour to your favourite meal whether it is a rub for meat, stuffing for chicken, or added to salad dressing.

Essential Oils

Essential oils have become quite popular, but there are many diluted, synthetic options out there. Our holistic oils are 100% natural, distilled from Lochland’s own carefully-grown flowers, herbs, plants, and products.

Fresh Herbs and Flowers

Fresh herbs and flowers are available seasonally at the farm. Visitors are invited to pick their own bouquet or bucket of herbs or mix and match. Alternatively, a limited number of fresh herbs and flowers will also be available at the roadside shop.