Calendula (Calendula officinalis) is one of those flowers that, when surrounded by the Zinnias and Dahlias of the world, you may not notice so much.

But, secretly? It’s kind of one of my favourites.

I know, I say that a lot 😅

But just LOOK at it!! How cute!!?!

Fresh Calendula Flowers Picked To be Dried

And I love how many different colours, shades and hues it comes in. From the palest yellow, to the deepest orange. This past year, we even introduced various rose gold colours 😍

The really cool thing about calendula though is how useful it is.

TBH this is arnica infusing in grapeseed oil but I don’t have any photos of our calendula oil while infusing!

Our favourite thing to do with calendula is to infuse a carrier oil with it, and use that oil in skin treatments.

Calendula is fabulous for treating anything red, itchy, and irritated.

Calendula oil is often used in diaper rash creams, and is wonderful for treating eczema, rosacea, and dermatitis.

Calendula oil can also be used on cuts and scrapes to keep them clean and promote new tissue growth, while reducing inflammation.

Some studies indicate that calendula oil, when ingested, also helps soothe ulcers and symptoms of IBS. More research is needed, though.

We used to use olive oil as the carrier oil, but now use grapeseed oil. We just find it lighter and useful for both topical and ingestible purposes.

Calendula is an annual, however if you grow it once, chances are you will not need to reseed the following year. It is incredibly prolific! Drought-tolerant. Cold tolerant. Honestly, just keep dead heading it for flowers all summer long!

You can find our calendula oil in our online shop and add it to your own skin care regimen. We also use calendula oil in Synergy Skin Therapy!

Have you tried calendula oil before? Let us know your thoughts!