It seems to be the thing to do lately … take the Canadian classic Caesar and make it your own. Some people add crazy beans, other people have added candied bacon or even a piece of fried chicken (Seriously, that’s a menu item!) Well, Lochland Botanicals thought, what better to add than a spicy Lovage straw?!

Lovage is seriously the perfect touch to your backyard Caesar and it’s fancy enough we can pretty well guarantee you’ll impress all your friends with your herbal expertise! Lovage is similar to celery but has a bit more kick and its leaves grow on hollow tubes which make the perfect spicy straws! 

And don’t stress, if you’re not keen on the clamato juice just replace it with tomato juice … we won’t tell.

The Lochland Caesar Recipe:

1 oz. vodka or gin (or more.. like we said…we won’t tell)

1 Dash of hot sauce

1 Dash of worcestershire sauce

8oz of Clamato Juice or Tomato Juice

1 Lime wedge

1 tablespoon of Celery salt

Ice cubes as needed  

1 Lovage straw and garnish

Wet the rim of the glass with a lime wedge and celery salt.

Add preferred type and amount of alcohol, and season with pepper, hot sauce and Worcestershire sauce to taste.

Add Clamato or Tomato Juice and top with ice.

Garnish with lime, Lovage leaves and a Lovage straw!

Optional: horseradish, lime juice

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