As an inflexible man in his early sixties, I have had the privilege of participating in a multitude of yoga classes. Over the last twenty years, l have experienced the teachings of many yoga instructors in studios, gyms, schools, ashrams and retreats. While I am not an expert, I do know there are many types of yoga ranging from hot yoga with an emphasis in a non-stop cardio workout to very slow meditational yoga.

The reason I like Sabrina’s teaching is that she challenges our limits while respecting them. In the classes I have taken with her there have been seniors, teenagers, pregnant women and endurance athletes all in the same session.

She asks us to hold our poses a little longer while encouraging us to explore our limits. She places a great emphasis on correct breathing while instructing us to do so. I love this focus as it is so refreshing to take the time to breathe deeply and well.

Finally, Sabrina places a strong emphasis on the last segment of a formal yoga session, “Shavasana” where we lay and rest and reflect on what we have learned and accomplished. It is because of this fine teaching style that so many of my running friends and I continued to attend Sabrina’s weekly class and why we asked her to teach at Lochland Botanicals.

More information on Sabrina’s Yoga with the Flowers can be found here.