So Mint-Tea

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Let nature soothe your upset tummy and nerves. Peppermint and spearmint work together to help ease the symptoms of IBS and reduce bloat, while delivering an exquisite taste sensation.

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Lochland Botanical’s So Mint-Tea is handcrafted with organically grown peppermint and spearmint. Plants in the mint family have been known to soothe an upset stomach and help settle a full belly. This tea offers a refreshing, yet soft palate, with hints of chocolate. Brewing suggestion: 1 teaspoon of tea in one cup of hot (not quite boiling) water, cover and steep 5-10min. Enjoy! 20g

1 review for So Mint-Tea

  1. Jane M

    I absolutely love this tea; it’s the best mint tea I’ve ever had! I make this tea often and thoroughly enjoy the lovely aroma and delicious minty taste. Buy some, relax and enjoy. You won’t be disappointed!

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