Well, here we are, foraying into the world of natural beauty! We are so excited to launch our new line of skincare products, the first of which will be our morning and night facial oils.

Our new daytime super powerful anti-aging moisturizer!

Historically, we’ve been trained to believe that putting oil on our skin is bad news. However, we were putting oil on our skin long before any cosmetic companies told us it was bad; it only became bad when cosmetic companies started using poorly refined mineral oil, which is derived from petroleum.

On a personal note, I’ve been using plant-based oils on my face for the past year and a half. Some have been higher end than others (I’ll freely admit to slathering on kitchen olive oil when I’ve run out of jojoba), and only recently have I started adding essential oils to my carrier oils. My skin is in a better place when I use oil, as opposed to a store-bought lotion. It’s brighter, softer, clearer, and evenly toned.

ultimate anti-aging and anti everything!

If you look up DIY Facial oils, there are literally thousands and thousands of options and combinations to choose from. We’ve done our best to combine a select few with some of the best properties available.

A common misconception is that oil will clog pores and cause even more acne or breakouts, but the opposite is true. Modern cosmetics will have you strip your skin of all its natural oils, causing fractious, irritated skin. Dehydrated skin is actually the biggest cause of blocked pores, as its natural oils (sebum) cannot be secreted properly, and instead dries out, thickens, and rests in our pores.

Ultra soothing and replenishing. Heck yes.

Dehydrated skin can also lead to minuscule cracks in our complexion, which gives bacteria the opportunity to lodge itself and turn into acne.
On the other hand, stripping your skin of its natural oil can lead to your skin overreacting and creating excess sebum, which in turn makes many turn to even more astringent products, and so goes this vicious circle.

The solution to all these problems?? Oil!! Replenishing, protecting, normalizing, wonderful oil. Of course, some oils are better than others in the way they absorb into our skin. Jojoba oil and grapeseed oil, for example, are as similar as it gets to how our own natural oils behave. But they all do a fantastic job of replenishing the hydration our skin lacks, protecting it from harmful bacteria, and normalizing sebum production.

Our nighttime oil has all of your bases covered

Natural oil benefits don’t stop there, though. Because they are so nourishing, and boast attributes such as natural vitamin E, antioxidants, antibacterial, and anti inflammatory (as an example, Sea Buckthorn oil contains all of them), oils are wonderful for preventing premature aging. There are even studies that suggest the antioxidants in oils aid in collagen production, meaning it may slow signs of aging.

And we haven’t even touched on the power of essential oils! In reality, simply using a high end, easily absorbed oil will be a huge boost for your skin. But when you add in powerful essential oils, like lavender or peppermint, your skincare regime is brought to the next level. Whether it’s soothing, brightening, or an added punch of antioxidants, essential oils are your friends when diluted with quality carrier oils

We hope this guide has given you some insight into the wonders of facial oils. If you haven’t tried them yet, we encourage you to give it a go. Our own facial oils are available in our shop to make things easy for you. We’re betting that you’ll never go back!